Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day 21

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 21

  1. Handing Back Essays
  2. Talent and Practice.
  3. See me's—inside essay= quick; grades or end of essay=probably longer/office hour questions?
  4. Stimulus is in the Senate.

    1. Jobs, or
    2. Jobs plus remake the economy?

      1. Broadband is a good example.
      2. Science, research, health care, pre K, green tech, even arts.
  5. Dirty Little Secrets
  6. This is Not a Test Notes
  7. http://v.blog.sohu.com/u/vw/2005417 (at about 9 minutes to about 12 minutes)
  8. Homework: Read How Companies Cope
  9. Tomorrow in class, we'll work on essay topics.


Barry W. said...

this is a good outline... it is very helpful... i think it helps out everyone..

Anonymous said...

Good call it is very helpful. It gives me a heads up on class structure.

publius said...

All these links you post of the NY Times makes me want to subscribe. Of course, that would make all the reading assignments in class tricky... Maybe when I’m all grown up. Thanks for posting the good stuff Mr. Peters.

jonathanweedin said...

The article about talent and skills is very interesting. My fifth grade teacher used to say "perfect practice makes perfect" meaning that you have to practice something properly in order to do it properly. If you practice something the wrong way, you'll probably just get worse than if you didn't practice at all.

Jaime said...

The talent and practice article was very interesting. It gets you motivated to learn and perfect your skills. This really relates to life, when I feel like giving up on my math studies I will remember to have the desire to improve and get better. Plus since math is so important in new middle jobs according to Friedmen I better start improving.

Lindsy M. said...

After reading the story about good soccer players being born in the first three months of the year. It was interesting to see why they were better and how much a cut off date really effects people's ability.

Kirsten said...

I found the soccer player story quite interesting also. I know that it does happen quite often. My uncle is a die-hard basketball fan, and they planned having my cousin Blake to be born in september, just after the cut-off date to go to kindergarden. Blake is one of the oldest in his class, and therefor more mature, and bigger than the other boys. He averages twenty points a game, i wonder if this wouldve been different if he wouldve been born before the cut-off date and a year older than most of his classmates?

Dianna said...

I thought it was really interesting to learn that I would not be the only one planning the future of my son or daughter before they are even born. I would want to give my child every advantage in life possible. Even if that means having them born in a specific month, parents do it all the time, so their child isnt behind in kindergarden.

Juan CF said...

I'm think i have a good outline i just hope that everybody else in class thinks the same.