Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Links

In Defense of WalMart

Cuts to Stimulus Package in Senate bill

Physics v. Medicine in Senate version.

Throwing Schools Out The Window in Senate version


What to do about Yakima's Crumbling Schools?


scott said...

weekend party! jk. hey how did everybodies weekend go? PS. If you really want to see a loud packed bumping party go down to naches high school at 7:30 PM tommorow night (tuesday). it's gonna be packed!

jonathanweedin said...

The thing about the schools kinda makes me mad. I went to private school forever, and we were always dirt poor with old facilities, but you never hear about that in the newspaper. I think it matters more what goes on inside the building, rather than the building itself.

kayla said...

"Soria said the current technology forces students to compete in the 21st century in facilities built for manual typewriters." i loved that quote. Davis and Ike both need to be rebuilt. Sometimes when passing through hallways water leaking from a pipe is hot and i've been burned a few times. GHETTO.

Juan CF said...

Yeah it's finally the weekend i wonder what there's exciting to do now may be i'll try the movies.