Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day 23

English 102 Day 23

  1. Quiz Tomorrow over The Quiet Crisis, This is Not a Test and How Companies Cope
  2. How Companies Cope
    1. Somebody made me a powerpoint!
    2. I swear to god, everything is online if you know how to look for it.
    3. Think: Key Words and Synonyms.
  3. In big groups for essay topics
    1. What topic within this subject interests you. Why?
    2. Here's the way many of these work: Take the topic and filter it through TWIF.
      1. Ex: YVTech (we could do this with East Yakima Early Learning, too)
        1. What would TWIF say about tech schools?
        2. What would TWIF like about them?
        3. What would they not like?
          1. The Right Stuff
          2. The Quiet Crisis
          3. The Untouchables
    3. I will help—for example, Washington Learns and Dream Act.
    4. You will help me, too.
    5. Where will you find quotes from Friedman.
      1. Index
      2. Amazon
      3. Google book search
      4. Google using topics and "flat world"
      5. Friedman's page in NYTimes. (search box at bottom of page)
  4. For tomorrow:
    1. Unflat:
      1. Too Sick
      2. Too Disempowered
      3. Too Frustrated

Too Many Toyotas


Barry W. said...

i drive a toyota... its a reliable car even though there isnt much under the hood.. hollar for toyatas.

jonathanweedin said...

My grandma has a 2007 Toyota Camry. It's horribly scary to drive. The windshield is practically vertical and you can't see anything. It's like a collision waiting to happen.

scott said...

My father had a toyota van and we put over 300,000 miles on it before it blew up in the hills of E burg.

Dianna said...

I have had three hondas only because someone else thought they were good cars too so they stole two of them. My car I have now is a honda and my childs first car will probably be one too. My car has like 160,000 miles and it still is running like a champ. I get compliments on it too still.

Juan CF said...

I drive a 98 Linconl Continental, it's a really pretty car. however, when it dicides to break down it's really expensive. i need a simplier car.