Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 27

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 27

  1. Bonus Points
  2. News—This is a good example of Argument and C-A.
  3. New Sample Essay
  4. The writing process
  5. Thesis statements—powerpoint?
  6. On the board.
    1. CLICKERS!
      1. SHAME!
      2. GLORY!
  7. Outline sample essay?
  8. Due Dates?


J.Lynn said...

I must say, the clickers are quite entertaining. And I like that you can vote on what you truly think and it's anonymous.

publius said...

The clickers are great!! Mr. Peters, you should consider using them for the quizzes in class. One of my other classes uses them by registering a clicker to each student.

Anonymous said...

Yes. This clicker business is quite interesting. I especially enjoy the company's name that designed this specific model. "Eclick" or something like that(I can't quite remember, I just think it's funny, like Acme or something). However I think it is important to have real conversations on top of this anonymous way, I think it is important for budding scholars to have the option of forming an opinion without criticism but then test that opinion on an open market so to speak. To see how far that opinion's credibility and validity stands in a more public world than just our own brains. But as far as the thesis statements go it is incredibly helpful without being completely embarrassed know what is good and what is not. It makes me a better writer and I like that.

scott said...

I think that our class would take way to long to get regeistered to do a clicker quiz. it took our chemistry class 15 minutes just to get everybody signed in, and we had already had pratice with the clickers,

Lindsy said...

I am glad that we got to use the clickers today. They are really fun and it makes class go by really fast.

Juan CF said...

Man where actually half way through the quarter i can't believe it time is going really fast. i woder how the rest of the quarter will be.