Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 31

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 31

  1. Bonus Points?
  2. H/I Self-Critique
  3. Take Home Critique Returned
  4. How to Grade the Essay
    1. Sample Essay
  5. How to cite a web site
    1. In text
    2. MLA works cited
    3. Using Word with Office 2007 and later
  6. College Dropout Boom, video
  7. Homework: Class Matters--No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle Class
  8. Final Drafts Due: Thursday February 19th. Bring one copy to turn in and intro/conclusion for you to read from.



Barry W. said...

today we read johns essay in class.. it was really good.. long but good. i think he will get 92 percetn mon his essay

scott said...

yeah I had john in my class last try he is a good student, but I think he will do better than that, he will revise and finish out anything mr. P commented on.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope for those kinds of grades. Mr. P is pretty tough though. However, I'm glad I took advantage of a priceless amount of feedback even if I don't get an "A" I know the knowledge that I have been able to pick up will carry through to my future classes in University level writing courses. Thank You Scott and Barry W. for all of your support. I appreciate it, and good luck on your papers too I know you both will do great!

LindsyM. said...

I was very upset by the feedback I got on my essay. I hate it when lazy people don't want to pull their weight. Especially when someone is depending on them to actually grade their paper not just draw a box and make a scribble mark. Not cool guys.

Dave said...

LindsyM. I believe you're referring to the peer reviews. Perhaps the person that reviewed yours was a weak writer and could find nothing wrong. I myself have never relied or valued reviews without first knowing if the reviewer is competent. Instead I use the writing lab, and have received great help from Matthew Robinson and would recommend him to anyone who wants to turn that B+ into an A.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

Thanks for the helpful hints. I do agree that I dont really look or value the peer reviews, especially from people that I dont know!!! MR PETERS YOU ARE OUTSOURCING OUR PAPERS TO OTHER CLASSES!!! Maybe the other class is better then ours, but I think our 11:30 class kicks butt. We roll our thoughts around and many feedback comes from the in class projects and reviewing over the books.

Jaime said...

I thought the feedback I received was great and very helpful. I do think it is even more beneficial when another class edits our papers. The editor does not see the author or know them so it is easier to critique. The person who corrected my paper tore it apart, but if she hadn’t I would have not improved my over all essay score from last time. It really is helpful.