Monday, February 09, 2009

Guest Workers

TODAY'S NEWS: Push for guest workers

Foreign Workers for seasonal jobs, recession or not

Economy puts squeeze on Wine Industry

Guest Workers in Yakima (last may)

Editorial on Guest Workers


scott said...

thanks mr. p for all the great information. and on the part about john wyss and the gebbers my father and I are good friends so I will probably call them up and ask for an interview my self.

JCampos said...

That is so crazy that here in our state of Washington they are going to start to charge people for every plastic bag that they use to carry out their grocery. It is a good idea, the city makes money and it encourages people to buy bags that you don't just throw away helping the "green" movement run other than take a step at a time!

publius said...

I’m not too sure how I feel about this mandated charging for bags idea. I’m not a fan of the state telling a business what they will or will not charge for. Why not charge for bags at every business? Or charge companies who use excessive packaging? How about an extra tax on plastic soled shoes? I personally use the reusable bags but that is my choice, and companies should also have that choice... Okay I retract my original statement; I do know how I feel about mandated charging for plastic bags.

JCampos said...

So this Guest worker thing is really confusing me. Is the U.S. not complaining because there are not enough jobs? Is our unemployment rate not getting higher and higher? Then why are we willing to hire people from out of the country to come and do work that we ourselves can do? People complain about not having jobs here why wont they go and pick some cherries, apples or asparagus? Go to an orchard, you'll find a job, I guarantee it! There is a workers shortage but there is also a shortage of work? Something is wrong here!

Note to the United States: Get a job and pick some freaking fruit!!!!

JLynn said...

Are they seriously charging people for plastic bags? umm..That is so stupid. If they start doing it in Yakima I'm moving to Texas.

Juan CF said...

I'm stil worried about other poeple in class osme of them don't even now what to write about it's just that there so many topics that it's makes it hard choice.