Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 37

Lesson Plan Day 37 English 102

  1. From Yesterday's YHR—Part of Angela's Problem
  2. Essays
    1. Much better on thesis statements
      1. Especially compared to last spring
    2. Pretty good on support, although your RESEARCH SKILLS need work. Take Calhoon-Dillahunt's class.
    3. MLA improving
    4. Ready by Five—Biggest problem is finding good evidence
      1. Mary Nelson's essay
  3. Calendars/Grade Changes
    1. Friday—"Discovery Drafts" in the computer lab C210—500 words by end of period (20 points)
    2. Monday—Sample Essays, continued discussion
    3. Tuesday---Computer Labs (C210), In-class Rough Draft—500 words (20 points)
    4. Wednesday/Thursday: Scoring and Peer Edit Rough Drafts, bring 4 copies.
    5. Friday—Final Drafts due—50 points towards final draft scores.


  4. In same four groups


  5. Nickel and Dimed Evaluation Chapter
    1. Friction (205)
      1. Define and give examples
    2. Also 213-214
      1. What are her solutions?
    3. How would this help Angela/Juan Peralta/others?
  6. David Brooks
    1. First Article
      1. Breaking down the capital further
    2. Second Article
      1. What works, according to Brooks?
  7. The World is Flat
    1. The Right Stuff
    2. The Untouchables
    3. This is Not a Test
    4. Dirty Little Secrets
  8. The Stimulus Plan

Essays back Monday for 1130 class


Rochelle said...

Is anyone else worried about this essay?? I feel like I have a lot to say, but I'm not sure where to start.. AAAAHHHHH!

TeslaRR said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm already freaking out about the freewrite that we only have fifty minutes to write :(

TeslaRR said...

Pssst! if anyone knows how much each of these comments are worth, i would really appreciate it if you could post how much it is!

maryn said...

Unfortunately, these comments are only worth one point for twelve words or more. However, they add up when you comment on different articles.
Concerning the "Discovery Draft" for tomorrow, I think we are all a little freaked out. I am trying to write down thoughts and notes that hopefully will help my brain work under pressure tomorrow. I think is the key is to have fun tomorrow.

kristine.a.lefors said...
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kristine.a.lefors said...

I am starting on the free write tonight so I will have it part way done. I know 50 minutes is not long enough for me to type 500words of something that I don't already have written down. DON'T FORGET YOUR FLASH DRIVES SO YOU CAN WORK ON IT AT HOME IF NEEDED!

Eric Manzo said...

I am so glad we only have one last essay to write. Hmmm I hope i do better on this one then my other two that I already wrote.

Dave said...

You know if you do forget your flashdrive, you can always email the document to yourself. Thats what I do...

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

That what I was thinking just email it to yourself. I am actually really enjoying this class and I feel that we all have so much to offer our society, its all up to us...

JCampos said...

Last quarter I was in Mr. Peters class and we did the same thing for an essay but we turned it in for the first essay instead of the last. Surprisingly enough i think that the in class essay is in a way easier because we feel pressured to write something in the given amount of time. In class essays are like relaxers because you are in a way getting a bunch of things off your chest and you just write. It might not make sense at the time and half of the time you are worried whether or not what you are saying is remotely related to the topic. But it is the first draft aka the "Vomit Draft" or "Puke Draft".

So dont worry will be aight!

publius said...

I really like where this class has ended up! I have to say Peters, I did not know how you were going to connect these dots when we started, but you pulled it off quite well.

LindsyM. said...

I wrote my paper about ready by five and I agree that the hardest part was tying all the the ideas together. I think I did pretty well on my paper. I could have done better but I'm happy with my score.

Luke said...

I didn't think that writing in class was going to be all that productive, because like most everyone else, I was nervous about what to write or where to start.. But it was actually really great having 50 minutes to just sit down and WRITE with no distractions. I hope writing in class was as productive for me as it was for everyone else.

Amy said...

I really liked the writing in class today. It really helped to get the ideas out of my head and onto the paper. Hopefully this paper will all come together ok, I am kind of worried about it.

Dianna said...

Yeah I actually wrote alot and got a great start on figuring out ideas and piecing them together. I wrote about a ton of ideas and its only going to be hard to edit.

Dianna said...

Oh I was going to say, Barry I have your paper is going to be good because you sure had alot of time left to spare...

kayla said...

So after doing the free write i don't think I did what was expected. My was more of a list of ideas that I wrote down. It was sort of a pro and con list involving TWIF and Nickle and Dimed. Did you guys actually start writing a rough draft or what?

Dianna said...

Yeah I did start to write my draft, got like two pages started for my topic. I doing a type of listing technique before I start to write too, have to get all your information organized first!

Kirsten said...

I struggled at first during the in class essay, but it was very helpful to get all of my idea's out. It was definetly throw up, but I think it will be easy to clean up =]

Barry W. said...

i think the biggest key to these papers is to just write from the heart. if you wright baout something you care about it will show.

scott said...

kristine there is no way you couldnt put in a mere 500 words in under 50 minutes. with your stunning intelect the only thing that could hinder you from breaking a thousand is over thinking it.