Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sample Essays

NEW! Ready By Five Sample Essay:


Dream Act Sample Essay 1:


Dream Act Sample Essay 2:


Minute Men Sample Essay 3: (Needs more TWIF)



scott said...

once again more raw material for me to dig into. I really can not thank you enough for all the rescources provided.

publius said...

Okay, new idea. What we really need is for someone to read all these links and record the audio. That way I can just listen to this stuff on my i-pod throughout the day! Any volunteers?

J.Lynn said...

All the links have good info and are really helping my paper...And my grade with the comments. :)

Juan CF said...

These essay have been a great help to me i really do hope that i get more greast examples like these.

LoReNa said...

I was having a hard time starting my essay... But these essays helped me figure it out. :)

JaNet G. said...

These essays gave me a better idea on how to Start my paper, Im a still a little on the edge with how to Start it though..
Thanks Mr.Peters.:)

Steve said...

The provided resources are so helpful! It's like our essays write themselves! Then again, it is the night before the rough draft is due, and I'm not finished. ;)
Thanks for the time you've taken to help us be successful! You've made the "Navigation" part of the research a breeze.