Friday, February 06, 2009

Ready By Five

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Universal Preschol pro/con

Use your navigation skills here.


Nicole C said...

these websites have a lot of good information, and im pretty sure this is what im going to be writing about so I can use these as sources for sure.. thanks peters

scott said...

I think that Mr. P is doing an awsome job of getting us prepared to write the best papers we possibly can. I also think that he grades them a little to rough.

Nelson Hurtado said...

Hello this is my first comment and all i have to say is that since i did not use this website for my last paper, i will do it this time to get a better grade because it has information that i could definitely use. Thanks,

Nelson Hurtado

Dianna said...

The "Use your navigation skills here", website had this to say:

Heading up the preschool cartel is Bill Gates, Senior (Billy's dad) who had the gaul to say:

I've arrived at the critical importance of early learning late in my life...I now recognize how critical the early years are in preparing children for future success at school and into adulthood.
Egads! Could it be that the rich and all-powerful OZ of Microsoft never went to preschool? I don't know. But I do know Gates is a college drop-out who hypocritically insists that everyone else should go to college.

Dianna said...

I think that he knows the importance of college more than anyone! He got lucky in life with Microsoft not everyone can be the richest man on Earth! The Gates see the importance that college has when they are interviewing people to hire at their company.

Dianna said...

If their workers don't have a college education besides the outsourced employees, do you really think that they are going to be hired to fix computers and software? Your crazy! How are they supposed to know what they are doing if they have absolutely no training?

Dianna said...

I think it is totally rude that that person wrote those comments about the Gates, they are trying to help our children succeed in life by offering something positive vs street life. Why wouldn't you want that for young children? He must hate people.

Juan CF said...

I was really confuse today in class i really hope that tomorow isn't as bad as today. or maybe i just need to get more sleep.