Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Summaries, Arguments and General Information on Friedman

Open Source working for you: Wikisummaries for TWIF

Here's a quick guide to argument essays.
Friendly and easy to read.

Here's a link to NYTimes site for Friedman.
Videos on environment, oil addiction, flat world (including Daily Show)
plus recent columns

Here's a link on what the recession means to education. and what education means to jobs.


Anonymous said...

The "means to education" article reminds me of all the employees that got laid off when Boise changed hands right here in Yakima. A lot of people I know couldn't get jobs that paid as well. Most of the people that I ran into had to go back to school because they didn't have the education to keep up with a changing economy.

Barry W. said...

finally i found a comment by john young.. he always has good comments no matter hwat the topic.. i am glad he is in my english class.

Dianna said...

I like how the quick guide to writing an argument essay had the work argument in it 58 times, when one of the first lines is that you dont need to say the work argument when writing an argument paper. They should have done a better job at making an example about explaining this guide to essay writing.

Juan CF said...

The education article is important because it's show just how real life really is which make you think how the real world is.