Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend links

YHRepublic Editorial on Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants

YHRepublic Editorial on Guest Worker Program

Downturn dilemma: Foreign professionals and worker visas

As joblessness soars, employers are under mounting pressure to save U.S. jobs by laying off foreign professional workers first, a scenario that for many H-1B workers triggers a frantic search for a new employer to sponsor them so they don't have to go back home.

Military Path to Citizenship (Friedman might say, why not do the same with college degrees?)

Our Greatest National Shame, editorial by NYTimes writer, Nick Kristof
hint: This guy is in COLLEGE.


Anonymous said...

The military is sure on a slippery slope. Meaning that although I believe if you serve you should definitely get all the rights and privileges as a U.S. citizen and or become a U.S. citizen if you want, they better be careful they don't recruit a Taliban informant (or someone similar) into the ranks of U.S. intelligence. I think it's a good idea but it also scares me that the background checks aren't going to be good enough.

Barry W. said...

once again J Y reaches deep down into his bag of wisdome and pulls out an amazing point... i wonder what year in college he is..

scott said...

I think that they should be put in as military grunts, and after a coupple years of that they have more than earned there citi

Dianna said...

One point in one of the articles, was that class size doesnt always matter, the teacher matters more! I have been saying that to you all, I use rate your professor on Myspace. I love it, it has proven correct everytime. The more people use this service and starts grading more teachers at our schools, maybe someone will caught on and see that students have opinions and if they are getting good grades then they must be smart and must be wanting something specific that is being offered. Ever wonder why some required classes are full with certain teachers and people would rather be on a waitlist then actually sign up for a different teacher just to see if they can get in? Simple, students are around the teacher for about three months on average. Just as if someone doesnt like their job, they come to class late, dont do their work, lazy, doesnt come at all, unresponsive, blah blah I pay for my college with my own money and a little from the state, a little. I deserve a say, I pay with green money!

Dianna said...

Barry you need a picture of your hands for your picture, your like a creepy myspace stalker lol with no picture! Just kidding. Its fun to pick on you through these comments sometimes.