Friday, February 13, 2009

Lesson Plan Day 29

1. Bonus Points
2. News of the day
3. Peer edit in same topic groups where possible
4. Write 2-3 questions you'd like to have answered.
5. Number paragraphs on each essay.
6. Hand out (and apologize).
7. Explain your questions to your peers.
8. Read silently and mark as you go.
9. Complete work sheet, including scratch outline.
10. Discuss.
11. Hand back and hand in essays for next class to evaluate

12. Reading homework
Class Matters: The College Dropout Boom and No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle
We will be discussing College Dropout Boom starting next Tuesday and No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle starting next Friday.


scott said...

if your all done with your paper it is a great time to start reading ahead. I think that this paper is a little more diffuclt to get into there were to many good topics, and I want to write about more than one.

scott said...

ugh! i went in to yvcc to watch the play, and I forgot my money. that was a total bummer!

Lindsy said...

The paper that i got from the other class needed a lot of work. Is there a nice way to tell someone to go to the writing center because you can't have a concluding paragraph be one sentence.

Barry W. said...

so pretty much the play was awesome.. and i got to see it for free.. it was hillariouse.. i would go again anyday..