Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 35

Lesson Plan Day 35 English 102

  1. Angela's Climb Slide Show
  2. Questions (hand in)
  3. In groups
    1. On the surface,
    2. in reality,
    3. unlike to change because
    4. likely to change because
  4. Duplicating Angela Whitiker's success
    1. Human Capital
    2. Social Capital

Homework: Read David Brooks. Underline/Take notes. He's gold for this essay.


scott said...

dose anybody else think that we dont really want people to be like angela! IN my belief she is a ho who just got lucky. 6 kids + 5 dads = HO

Melody Marie said...

LOL! She may have been a "ho" in her previous life, but I think she has made a great life for her and her kids, at least those that are living with her. Yes, it probably was the result of luck, in fact I'm pretty sure it was, but at least she did it. You can be as lucky as you want, but luck will only take you so far and then you need to have a little ambition and hard work. I can get lucky with a scratch ticket, but if I don't go cash the ticket in, then luck didn't really do anything for me.

Eric Manzo said...

She had her tough moments in life but unlike most people in her situation she was able to learn from her mistakes. So we do need more people like Angela but I know and you know there isn't many people like that. It seems like Angela is one in a million.

JCampos said...

You are absolutely right Manzo. We need more people like Angela in America. In response to Scott, you might think that she was a "Ho" but common man she did what she could with what she had and then some. People in her situation, for the most part would just give up any dream that they once had and sit on there butt all day watching soap operas. SHe didnt do that! She had the will and was determined enough to make something out of her life. For her kids, their future and for herself. She knew she had to be more than those women who would just watch TV all day and gossip. You might judge her for her personal life but her profession puts her in a much higher rank. Higher rank than what you think her of, a "Ho".

TeslaRR said...

This is a little off topic from the previous comments but i really enjoyed the slide show of Angela and her family. i hadn't read yet when i saw the slide show and it actually made me really interested in her story. She may have made an enormous amount of mistakes in her past, but she became an inspiration for many. i wish my sister, who has made mistakes, but not even half as bad, would read this story and realize that it's possible to achieve even after you have severely screwed up.

Dave said...

It seems as if Angela has made a decent life for her kids, excepting Willie and Nicholas. My heart goes out to Nicholas as he was the man of the house when no one else would step up, and at the tender age of ten! It makes me sad to think that he feels alienated from his family because he was never given moral capital.

publius said...

So if she is a “ho”, what does that make the 4 dads? I don’t discount her bad choices and fits of stupidity, but think of how far she has come. Even with some of her bad choices that she still makes, I have to say I am impressed by her. It’s like that story in one of the Gospels about the two men who give an offering at synagogue. One of the men gave far more (monetarily) and considered himself more generous, but it was the other man who actually gave more (morally) because he was a man of little means. Angela may not be giving (acting) at as high of a level as we would like, but she is giving far beyond most of us.

Jaime said...

After reading Angela Whitiker’s success and discussing how we can duplicate it through human and social capital will be very hard. She was a very lucky person and there are not many people out there who have her determination. Hopefully there are possibilities out there that will help other people in similar conditions as Angela was in. If we do find reliable ways to duplicate her success it will create a better society for everyone.

tonya said...

yeah she made some bad choices but shes not a ho. things happen, and she eventually learned from it all...not everyone has the best role models growing up!

tonya said...

everyone makes mistakes scott, but you cant just look at the bad. one day you will do something and wish everyone would look past it... you cant always hold others to their pasts. its called growing up

Kirsten said...

It just amazes me that she had every reason NOT to make herself better, yet she did anyway. Its hard for someone over 30 to go back to college, imagine being a "ho" with six kids from four fathers. Wow