Monday, February 09, 2009

Day 25

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 25

  1. 1030 class move to G111
  2. In your groups—
    2. Links
    3. Assemble one list for quotes and one for links.
  3. Links from last Friday and today.
  4. Tomorrow, bring storage device for lab work-come here first to find out where.

Rough Drafts Due February 12th


scott said...

dont forget your usb plugs. I hope that I do better on this paper. I thought I did good on the last one, but I wound up with a "C"

JCampos said...

Same here! I never get anything lower than an A- on my papers. I turned my paper in thinking it was going to be a good one but Mr. P thought otherwise. He is stepping up his game so that means we got to step our game twice as much! Thanks for that reminder by the way!

kayla said...

someone help me stick with a topic. Peteres says write about something you care about. Honestly what impacts Yakima really doesn't interest me. Man i can't even vote yet.

JLynn said...

Yeah, I'm kina an uncaring person. Well sometimes. But like the topics for our last paper were hard for me to choose. Because I didn't really care about any of them.

Juan CF said...

I happy about my grade i actually got a B- i can't even believe it. it must be a really good day.