Friday, February 13, 2009

Retraining, YVCC, Minimum wage

From today's paper:
Unemployed retraining at YVCC

Give Tiered Minimum Wage a Try

And, heard on the radio coming in
City of Yakima asking for federal stimulus money for-
Downtown streetscaping
Capital Theater

Charles Ross (legislative rep 14th district) asking for state money for--
Zepheal Stadium resurface
Parking at JM Perry
Design for Ready by Five building

Barbara Glover of Wine Yakima Valley says, strong sales and 13% increase in tickets to Red Wine and Chocolate over last year.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that a non profit like Perry Tech could get state money. I thought only public schools could do that.

scott said...

there are money handouts everywhere for everything. you just need the spefic need and the insentive to apply.

Lindsy said...

Im kind of excited to see what happens with the minimum wage. I wrote my first essay about changing the minimum wage for high school students. I personally think that it will help the economy, but that is just my personal opinion.

Abby said...

It's Zaepfel. Just sayin'.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

Remember America is competitive, we hate losing, especially when it comes to money. Here's a thought, if American jobs are routinly outsourced to other countries that work for like five dollars a day, many American workers will be unemployed, as countries overseas are. Breath.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

Companies will start to come back to America. America has a strong drive to fulfill "the American dream", (in most except for Dortio eating women,) our wanting to work will become the center of ourlives and we will do anything to achieve success, (unless we all get lazy because of "free" money provided by the stimulus package). Americans will be forced to settle and work for lower working MINIMUM WAGE jobs because all wages could lower, just for companies to hire more people and produce an economic stimuli.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

However, minimum wage jobs are suppossed to get you by til you further yourself in education or whatever. This could stop us from being so picky about what kinds of jobs we will only work. Americans will start picking fruit and less foreign workers, more money stays in the states. Companies will notice, actually notice that their is a giganitc amount of unemployed Americans because of the government providing tax cuts to them and will have people compete for their jobs as the world gets flatter. Our competitive nature can work in reverse, we could work for less, just to feed Octomom's fourteen kids unless she becomes a porn star and buy all her movies because you know you would watch just to see..., but hey, factory jobs could come back because they are leaving and ruining what we once worked so hard to build.

dianna.l.beaulaurier said...

I dont know what people are thinking because I am not you. How are your opinions on these subjects? What do you propose could happen they would just blow your mind away?

Juan CF said...

I really belive that minimum wage should be higher so that people can make a better living and not be broke when they go to McDonald's.

Dianna said...

Luis even if we just increase the minimum wage everything is just going to increase always. I don't think that it will help just to increase wages....