Thursday, February 05, 2009

Essay options

  1. Education
    1. East Yakima Early Learning Yakima, ESD 105 and Gates
    2. The DREAM Act
    3. Washington Learns
    4. YVTech building/Vocational Education overall
    5. The role of YVCC/Community Colleges overall (new buildings/collaborations)
    6. Obama/Gregoire stimulus plans
  2. The future of Agriculture in Yakima
    1. Food Safety concerns (Organics? Disease?)
    2. The Fresh Market v. Concentrate
    3. Aspargus and South American trade agreements
    4. The Apple Juice Capital of the World? Selah?
    5. Trademarks/patents and inventions—ROBOTS!
    6. The Unflat world
      1. Fuel costs
      2. Vertical farms
      3. Food safety going the other way.
      4. Local-vores.
    1. Immigration:
      1. McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill
      2. Changes to H2A and H1B
        1. Zirkle
        2. Global Horizon
        3. Microsoft
        4. Effects of immigration crack down already in place.
      3. Unflat world
        1. Nativist movements such as Grassroots Yakima and The Minutemen.
        2. Current wall being built/crackdown by ICE
        3. Nickel and Dimed labor pool.
    2. Propose a new business model based on what you have read.
      What will be the new niche in Yakima? How can Yakima use the Flat World to our advantage?
      1. Tourism
      2. Distribution centers
      3. Wine
      4. Black Rock
      5. Jail beds


Barry W. said...

hey.. i think class today was really good.. how did everyone else feel about it? john?

Barry W. said...

hey.. i think class today was really good.. how did everyone else feel about it? john?

Barry W. said...

hey.. i think class today was really good.. how did everyone else feel about it? john?

Luis P. said...

nice job Barry, leaving 3 comments @ a time. Yah, i fell like Peters' lecture about the essay helped me understand more of wat i have to do. :)

jonathanweedin said...

I'm glad we're getting started with focusing on essay topics now. It should help us write better papers. I hope.

twfields said...

Ya I too thought todays class was pretty good I just wish that we could have got a little bit more information on more education topics.

Abby said...

Is anyone else drawing a complete blank on this essay? I just can't get into Friedman. His writing is so dry- it's like I read the chapter and it leaves me immediately because it was just a big mess of information without any interesting parts. And his ideas of "good" and "progress" are infuriating to me. I'm trying to find a different way of looking at the topics so I can actually be interested in some of it. Anyone taking a different approach? Anyone have a clue?

publius said...

I see you reeeally liked class today Berry. I enjoyed it as well. While I enjoy the reading in this book more than the last, I too am having a hard time getting started Abby. I feel like each chapter could be a book unto itself, so I just don’t know how to go about taking this thing on. It’s like picking out a doughnut at a pastry shop, just too many options.

JCampos said...

Class was alright. I think what i want to focus mostly on is the Dream Act. I could not find any quotes from the TWIF so i am not too sure bout it anymore. Hopefully i will find some soon. Anyone have any suggestions? What are you guys writing about?

scott said...

I have a bad feeling about the organization of my paper at this point, I have got a lot of work to do.

Lindsy said...

I'm excited that we get to pick from such a wide range of topics. I'm going to write my paper about educating preschoolers.

Juan CF said...

I'm really glad today was a really helpful i know now what i need help on my paper.