Monday, January 12, 2009

15 Years Slide Show

Two Immigrants, Two Different Stories


Elise2013 said...

I thought it was interesting that when they arrived in the US seems to have made more of difference for the two than anything else. They were both willing to work there way up from the bottom of the economic ladder yet only one of them succeeded. Luck, bad luck and good, made a huge difference between societal mobility and stagnancy. Paired with timing luck was a main deciding factor between the courses the two mens' lives took. That's something most people don't think about when they consider the American Dream.

Kirsten said...

I disagree....I think they had different attitudes when it came to living in the united states....The Greek man who eventually became the owner of his own restaurant worked his butt off to learn English and Spanish because he knew it was essential to being in the workforce...the Hispanic man however, admits that you must know English to move up in that field, but quits English classes and then does nothing but complain about how horrible his life is.