Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to Read in College

Here's a great site from Penn State.

Sometimes it's called "annotating"

Here's my short take on it:

Why do it?
Save time.
Better evidence.
Better comprehension.
More interesting.

1. Don't read in bed.
and don't read with TV/Music
2. Don't use a highlighter in the book.
3. Look for things going in.
4. Make assumptions.
5. Ask questions.
6. In N&D, the footnotes are full of gold.

Here's what my book looks like.

6. At outline stage, go back through and make a list of pages and quotes.


scott said...

good reading habbits are key in all classes that you will take. if you read while in bed, then you will associate reading with sleeping and it will become harder for you to foccous on reading during the day.

jonathanweedin said...

When I read, I kinda get in the zone, and I forget to write and stuff in the margins. That, and I believe that writing in a book is a mortal sin.

katie.l.balam said...

when I read I tend to loose my place in the book if i try to write comments in the margins. I like to highlight important things, it seems a lot easier to me. I agree with the whole no reading in bed thing though. If I read in bed all I want to do is go to sleep.