Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 17

Lesson Plan Day 17, Winter 2009

  1. Essays back in about a week
  2. The final essay will combine pieces of all three books. Make some connections.
  3. Policy on revision
    1. Save Everything.
    2. It's not where you start it's where you finish.
    3. You may select one of the three essays you are writing to REVISE for an improved score.
    4. These will be due the second to last day of class.
    5. You can't get a lower grade by doing this.
  4. Keep the idea of improvement in the front of your mind.
  5. It starts all the way back here, at the beginning of talking about it. You should be listening for ways into the assignment based on the book and discussion.
  6. Improve on this part. Take more notes. Ask questions during class. Interrupt me. Write down your ideas. Read the chapter twice.
  7. Here's my take on the book:
    1. Very well organized
    2. Organized like a good essay
      1. Intro/History/Background
      2. Business
      3. Education
      4. Counter Argument
      5. Conclusion
  8. Essay options and due dates, subject to change.
  9. What stood out from the first chapter?
    1. Globalization 1.0-3.0
  10. 10 Flatteners
  11. Triple Convergence
  12. Read: The Untouchables for Thursday.


publius said...

Great reading assignment Mr. Peters. Every college student should read this chapter (The Untouchables) and pause to consider their education and career plan.

Kirsten said...

I Agree. This chapter has a lot to do with the article in the Yakima Herald the other day, about the two students who were worried about not getting a job after finishing all that schooling. It’s good to know what jobs will be in demand after finishing college, and therefore what career plan to pursue.

Elise2013 said...

I concur with your assessment of "the World is Flat". Also thank you for the essay tips. Can't wait to get my first essay back.

Juan Carlos Farias102 said...

i really hope that you'll keep helping us on are essay 2. And make sure we are actually doing it right.