Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day 3

  1. Questions for me.
  2. YHR Annotations/How to Read in College
    1. Quote for higher minimum wage
    2. Quote against higher minimum wage.
    3. Interesting stat/fact.
    4. Hand in Prereading questions.
  3. Essay Options.
  4. N&D intro questions/discussion
  5. Reading the next two weeks:

For Thursday Serving in Florida to 29

For Friday: Serving in Florida to end. Quiz on Intro and Serving. Worksheets due. Quiz on Names/Faces

For Monday: Shadowy Lines and 15 Years. In Class Writing Assignment.
For Tuesday: Scrubbing in Maine to 86
For Wednesday: Scrubbing in Maine to End
For Thursday: Selling in Minnesota to 150
For Friday: Selling in Minnesota to end. Scrubbing and Selling worksheet due.
For Monday: Evaluation Chapter.


scott said...

is every body ready for the names and faces quiz tommorow. if your up to it list off as many names as you can rember from off the top of your head. its great exercise for your prefrontal cortex. scott tiara elise elisha karan kayla ana piedad dustin noeimi meghan melody clive riley thomas travis juan shaun omar tanya tasha thats all i can think of now sorry for those who I forgot.

publius said...

LOL. I forgot that Mr. Peters is teaching more than one 102 class for a moment there. I was thinking that Scott was in for some major pain on the quiz. :) Good luck Scott!