Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 14

English 102 Day 14

  1. Hope video is up. If there's time, if not Monday.
  2. Essays due Tuesday.
  3. Reading Homework: The World is Flat, "While I Was Sleeping"
  4. Complete Study Guide
  5. Complete Peer Editing
    1. Begin by reading aloud 2nd Essay
    2. Answer question asked by author
    3. Review Worksheet with author
    4. Move on to 3rd essay
      1. Ask questions
      2. Read essay aloud
      3. Answer questions
      4. Worksheet
      5. Review with author
  6. Peer Review Review
    1. What do you do with this feedback?
    2. Look for patterns in comments.
    3. Look for obvious needs.
  7. If you are at a dead end
    1. Go for Option 1
      1. We've written most of it in class.
      2. It uses both N&D'd and CM.
      3. It has a built in C-A
      4. It has an easily formulated thesis
      5. There's a good outline for it online.
      6. You'll need to find the quotes and make a choice.
  8. If you want to get a good grade
    1. Keep it simple.
    2. A clear thesis statement.
    3. A counter argument.
    4. Each paragraph has a main idea/topic sentence.
    5. Each paragraph has 2 or more pieces of evidence.
    6. The evidence comes from N&D'd, CM and three other places.
  9. If you want a good grade, continued:
    1. Work Harder.
    2. Change your habits/attitudes.
    3. Read/Review Hacker.
    4. Read more closely.
    5. A more detailed outline.
    6. More drafts .
    7. Writing Center.

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scott said...

the one thing that I havent done yet is the writting center. I just simply dont have the time.