Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 5

Lesson Plan English 102 Day 5

  1. New way of taking attendance
  2. Bonus Points?
  3. Return Prereading
    1. This is how I'll grade these: Full credit for full effort. Partial credit for partial effort or incomplete work.
    2. What's the right answer to question 5? What about local v. chain? What does, PRICE/BARGAINS etc. mean in the big picture?
    3. Sometimes this is called, the race to the bottom.
    4. Sometimes it's a luxury, a snobbery.
  4. Quiz Names/Faces
    1. Correct
  5. Quiz Intro and Serving
    1. Correct
  6. Serving in Florida questions
  7. Continue with Serving in Florida annotations (29-49)
    1. Second job
    2. Co-Workers?
    3. Living conditions for her and others—This may have to wait.
  8. Right now, what are your top choices for essay options?
    1. Last spring, I only assigned question 1.
    2. The most popular before that has been affordable housing question.
    3. The most easily researched is the minimum wage question.
      1. That does not mean they are easy. Good writing is seldom easy.
    4. Brief conversation at your tables

Homework: Read "Shadowy Lines That Still Divide" and "15 Years on the Bottom Rung" from Class Matters
AND "Scrubbbing in Maine" in N&D'd to page 86.


Anonymous said...

Today in class we talked a lot about minimum wage and how those in job roles that were less respected, could be discriminated against or have to jump through “special” hoops, in order to get hired for a position. One example was drug testing. My question is does power truly corrupt? Or have people earned the positions they actually get. Is it fair because one individual is more educated than another to not drug test?

publius said...

We seem to be stuck on education as the big divide between the blue and white collar worker. While it is true that education leads to better employment opportunities, education-less and drug-test-less job opportunities are legion, and for some lead to a great standard of living. My point being... Sometimes you just have to deal with what you don’t want, until you find what you do want.

scott said...

how did everybody do on our first couple quizes? I thought it was a little easier knowing how the name quiz would look (101 quiz)

Melody_Kezar said...

I understand why employers choose to test employees for drugs, however it is kind of degrading. I have never been asked to "pee in a cup" and I would feel extremely uncomfortable if ever asked to do so, so I can honestly say that I don't believe employees should be asked to do such a thing. An employer always has the right to fire an employee, so rather than doing a test why don't employers hire/fire people based on their work ethic? Most likely someone on drugs wouldn't have the best work work ethic anyways, right?

Barry W. said...

minimum wage is to low. i think we need a higher minimum wage that way low income families can rise up and overcome.