Monday, January 05, 2009

Before you read questions

Nickel and Dimed, before you read.

  1. What is the current minimum wage in Washington? What is the federal minimum wage?
  2. What kinds of jobs have you held? What were the conditions like? Did you take the job under circumstances of true need or just to pick up some extra spending money?
  3. If you have had a job, what were the impacts of this experience on you as a person? Did the job increase your confidence? Make you feel demeaned in any way? Did the job improve your sense of yourself, worsen it, or have little to no influence?
  4. How much time, if any, have you spent thinking about the minimum wage and those who must live on it? Does this seem like an important matter, here at a point when you are starting college—presumably with the goal of earning considerably more than the minimum wage when you graduate?
  5. What is your first priority when you shop?
  6. Do you consider how the workers are treated when deciding where to shop?

1 comment:

scott said...

these before you read questions were a great way to iniate the thought procces behind what it takes to do a minimum wage job and to decide on the pros and cons of raising the min. wage