Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 16

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 16


  1. H/I one copy of your essay
  2. O/R Y? N?
    1. Intro and conclusion only
    2. Y= +5 points
    3. N= -5 points
  3. O/R
  4. How you should be feeling—
  5. Read TWIF: America and Free Trade for Wednesday
    1. The Untouchables for Thursday
    2. The Right Stuff for Friday
    3. The Quiet Crisis for Monday
    4. CM: College Dropout Boom for Tuesday
    5. CM: No Degree, No Way Back to the Middle for Wednesday
    6. TWIF: This is Not a Test for Thursday
    7. The Unflat World for Friday
    8. 11/9 v 9/11 for Monday


scott said...

congratulations everbody your done with your first essay, and hopefully you all start with 5 bonous points.

publius said...

1-27-09: I really dig the five bonus points for reading in class. If Peters gave bonus points for reading our paper backwards in an Irish accent I would totally do it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was happy about that too. We must keep that in mind when our paper's are shredded and handed back to us:)

Dave said...

In response to Matthew's comment:
I liked the opportunity for an extra five points, however I did not like the fact you could LOSE five points for not reading it. It made me feel bad for the people who aren't into public speaking, and turned something fun into an obligation.