Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 15

English 102 Day 15

  1. Essays due Tuesday.
  2. H/I study guide for "While I Was Sleeping"
  3. Reading Homework: The World is Flat, One of 10 "Flatteners"
  4. How to grade this?
  5. In text citations
  6. Works Cited
  7. Paper Format
  8. If you want to get a good grade
    1. Keep it simple.
    2. A clear thesis statement.
    3. A counter argument.
    4. Each paragraph has a main idea/topic sentence.
    5. Each paragraph has 2 or more pieces of evidence.
    6. The evidence comes from N&D'd, CM and three other places.
  9. If you want a good grade, continued:
    1. Work Harder.
    2. Change your habits/attitudes.
    3. Read/Review Hacker.
    4. Read more closely.
    5. A more detailed outline.
    6. More drafts .
    7. Writing Center.
    8. See Me.
  10. Peer Review Review
    1. What do you do with this feedback?
    2. Look for patterns in comments.

Look for obvious needs.

1 comment:

scott said...

I think that I created a quality paper, but I bellieve that to many point are being awarded to counter argument, and mla. in the future lets try to focous more on basic grammar and the story as a whole.