Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 11

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 11

  1. Change to Rough Draft Schedule
    1. Due THURSDAY, not Wednesday
  2. Because of today.
    1. Your kids will ask you about today.
    2. General discussion?
    3. According to the polls: Most people have high hopes, and are willing to be patient.
    4. Our country hasn't been in this kind of tight spot in 80 years and it's going to take years before it gets better, most experts predict.
    5. But, many have never felt so hopeful.
    6. I Hope So, Too
      1. NYTimes
      2. Your Turn
        1. Pick your topic, write for 5 minutes
        2. Video
  3. Thesis statements
  4. Sample Essays—They're ok, but maybe not A papers.


Anonymous said...

How did everybody feel about the importance of the inauguration today? Did it affect you personally or only as an American?
I actually felt that today's inauguration was a new symbol of perseverance in America. It was a long needed renew of hope that will (if were lucky) stick around a little bit even in the face of the cynicism that seems to surround the American attitude as of recent. To take a look at the history and the tiny place that we came from as a country and see the growth is amazing. But also as Dr. King would probably warn, it is easy to overlook the problems that are still here that could be hidden in all the euphoria.

Jaime said...

I thought the Inauguration of President Obama was a great accomplish in history. Obama has brought hope to many Americans. I am excited to see how he is going to help our economy out of crisis and change our government for the better. Thanks for letting us watch this historical event in class.

publius said...

Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out to talk about the inauguration. Whether you are on the left, on the right, in the center, or just don’t care – Barack Obama’s inauguration is a big deal for America. Barack Obama’s election is the fruit of America’s labor to overcome race. Not that we are “over” race issues, but Obama is the proof of our progress.