Friday, January 30, 2009

Globalization 1-3

  1. Globalization 1.0
    1. 1492-1800
    2. Shrank the world from large to medium
    3. Countries and muscles
      1. Horse/steam power
      2. Inspired by religion or imperialism or both
      3. Where does my country fit in?
      4. How can I go global and collaborate with others through my country?
  2. Globalization 2.0
    1. 1800-2000
    2. From medium to small sized world
    3. Interrupted by Great Depression and WWI/II
    4. Multinational corporations
      1. Dutch/English, Industrial Revolution
      2. Looking for market and labor
      3. Powered by steam/rail
      4. Then telecom (telegraph, phones, pc, satellites, fiber optics)
      5. Breakthroughs in Hardware
        1. Steamships, rails
        2. computers
      6. Where does my company fit in?
      7. How does it take advantage of the opportunities?
      8. How can I go global and collabaorate with others through my company?
  3. Globalization 3.0
    1. After 2000
    2. From small to tiny/flat world
    3. Not countries. Not companies. Individuals.
    4. Not horsepower, not hardware, but software
    5. Where do I fit in?
    6. How can I, on my own, collaborate with others globally?
    7. Driven by every corner of the world (not Europe and America)


jonathanweedin said...

This is a nice handy-dandy summary. You could almost not read the first chapter and just read this instead. Not that I would ever do that.

publius said...

I hope no one skips the reading, because there is some great stuff in this book. True to form as a journalist Friedman goes beyond his own experience, and explores and explains the opinions of others in this book.

Anonymous said...

Friedman is a fantastic writer. I often wonder where Mr.Peters get's these books for class. I consider myself a reader and I have never heard of any we are reading for class. I guess I'm so focused on fiction writing I'm not paying enough attention to non fiction. But Friedman's book is more like sci-fi without the "fi".

JCampos said...

It is so crazy how we have digitized throughout the years. From Horse power to Hummer power, telegraphs being hand written to machines making millions of copies a day!

Jaime said...

This is a great summary, I got the globalization 1-3 confused with some of the points ,this has clearly laid out the first chapter. Thanks Peters.

Elise2013 said...

I thought this was a fascinating view on the worlds cohesiveness. It was great to read and I gleaned much from this chapter.

Juan Carlos Farias102 said...

this is a great summary and i like it because it gets right to the point and don't have to waste your time and having to read it twice.

scott said...

summarys are great for busy people, but they cant be survived on alone with Mr.P standing guard. I know the results of it first hand.