Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 2

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 2

  • Names/Faces
  • Bonus Points
  • Question about the Class/Teacher.
  • Interview in groups of 3
    • Worst jobs/Worst Bosses
      • What made it bad
    • Something we don't expect when we see you. Something we couldn't tell by looking at you.
  • In Groups of 4 Prereading questions and Annotating YHR article.

Reading the next two weeks:

For Wednesday: N&D Intro

For Thursday Serving in Florida to 29

For Friday: Serving in Florida to end. Quiz on Intro and Serving. Worksheets due. Quiz on Names/Faces

For Monday: Shadowy Lines and 15 Years. In Class Writing Assignment.

For Tuesday: Scrubbing in Maine to 86

For Wednesday: Scrubbing in Maine to End

For Thursday: Selling in Minnesota to 150

For Friday: Selling in Minnesota to end. Scrubbing and Selling worksheet due.

For Monday: Evaluation Chapter.

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