Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big Fix

Here's a great source for information on the stimulus and what Leonhardt thinks we should do.

Key quote--note the bold I've added:

So for the first time in more than 70 years, the epicenter of the American economy can be placed outside of California or New York or the industrial Midwest. It can be placed in Washington. Washington won’t merely be given the task of pulling the economy out of the immediate crisis. It will also have to figure out how to put the American economy on a more sustainable path — to help it achieve fast, broadly shared growth and do so without the benefit of a bubble. Obama said as much in his inauguration speech when he pledged to overhaul Washington’s approach to education, health care, science and infrastructure, all in an effort to “lay a new foundation for growth.”


publius said...

I hope infrastructure is high on the to-do list. I will never understand why there is such a lack of comprehensive public transportation in our cities. I think that more people would use PT if it was not so sparse and limiting.

Jaime said...

I hope the stimulus plan gets started soon and works fast. I definitely think a majority of the stimulus money should go to education and health care. They are the most important and most needed.

Juan Carlos Farias102 said...

i think that majority of the stimulus money should go to the school and help the younger generations. there the future and we need to look after them.