Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 8

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 8

  1. For Thursday: Selling in Minnesota to end.
    1. Scrubbing and Selling worksheet due.
  2. For Friday: Evaluation Chapter.
  3. 15 Years Slideshow and discussion.

  4. Scrubbing Questions

  5. Thesis might look like--

  6. On the Surface; In Reality; Not likely to change

    1. Examples, so far?

    2. What makes it unlike to change?

    3. What makes it likely to change?

  7. Living/Minimum Wage debate

  8. YakTown: Decide who you are pretending to be. It works best if you use the same givens as Ehrenreich. You might change them if you want to make a counter argument section on kids or second income.

    1. Living conditions and cost of living in N&D, COMPARE and CONTRAST

  9. First, agree that there's too much in the way of the working poor to overcome on their own. (Read the evaluation chapter!) Then, explain what can be done, SPECIFICALLY, even locally, to help them overcome.

    1. Start with ideas in the book.

    2. In all of this, one of the big issues:

      1. Option 1: The poor are responsible for their situations. It's an individual's choice. If they don't want to be poor, they can do something about it.

      2. Option 2: The game is rigged against the poor and they don't know it. If we want to address poverty, the system needs to change.

    3. Homeless count coming up. 211 callers. How do people get into these jams? What do we do about it once they're in them? How do we keep them from happening in the first place?

    4. Easy to pile on the poor for "choices"—what about the rich? Do the poor deserve to be poor and the rich deserve to be rich? My friends in the fruit business, for example.

It's the Pursuit of Happyness v. Nickel and Dimed. Is one of these ways of seeing things actually hurting things? Is it possible to be Too Optimistic? Scott Boring?


Kirsten said...
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Kirsten said...

I don’t think that the pursuit of happiness was too optimistic. It showed a young man, who had made some mistakes in life, but he had the right attitude and was willing to do whatever it took to succeed. In the end, he did fulfill his dream, but it sure as hell wasn’t easy.