Friday, January 30, 2009

Triple Convergence

The Triple Convergence (page numbers are approximate, but off)

203: First around 2000, all ten flatteners started working together

Second, people started getting it.

Third: China, India, USSR all joined in

  • 204: Convergence I: Simultaneous improvement of complimentary goods, reinforced each other

  • 206: II: People needed time to get comfortable w/ the "horizontal" playing field.
    • Like distance ed?

    • The previous model was vertical silos.
  • 179: went from top down to side to side

  • 211: III: Add 3 Billion People
    • 182: Prev. it had been NA, West Europe, Japan and East Asia with similar education, wages, workforce size "Gentlemanly competition"
    • 183: Some countries simply skipping a step—like cell phones in China
  • 184: Zippes in India: Generation Z.

  • 185: You can innovate without having to emigrate

  • 229: The other triple convergence:
    • com bust (actually helped the world, but scared us)
    • 9/11
    • Enron
    • Other things?
      • X-box; 100 channels of tv; reality tv;
    • 198: Politicians in 2004 were not educating us, they were making us stupid
    • Now the real IT revolution is about to begin

The Great Sorting Out
234: from command and control to connect and collaborate

  • 238-39: Dissolving of feudal, national and religious id, giving universal citizenships
    • (NOW, 1989?)
    • BIG PAGES 237-239: Mixed blessing: Bumping up against the world of friction
    • Nickel and Dimed; which are sources of friction we should try to protect?

    • What extent should we lean against the current for the sake of values the global market can't supply? (Religious faith; national pride; social cohesion—copyrights? Worker protections; min. wage—see today's paper)
      • (Global min wage?)

Sorting Out:

  • India v. Indiana: 240: wow. Whose values to protect?

  • 242: Where do companies start and stop?
  • Whose values will govern a particular company and whose interest will that company respect and promote? GM goes, so goes America. But not today.
  • 210: IBM and Lenovo: Would you call this an American company? A Chinese company?

  • 212: Rolls Royce and Germany and Russia

248: Command and Control to Collaborate and Connect:

  • Colin Powell and Google and blackberries
  • 213: Amy's job and blackberry

  • 250: Wal-Mart and our conflicting identities. Walk through this one up to page 250

  • 216: When you flatten the world, you take humanity out of life
  • 216: Vioxx example
  • 253: Who Owns what? Intellectual Property:
    • Napster; video; Google Books;
    • The Blog? The film? Chapbooks?
    • What about Amy's work?
  • 218: AOL Passwords, in your will?

  • 255: Death of a Salesman
    • 220: Tommy all anyone cares about today is price.
    • But fat is what gives meat it's taste

221: What about politics?

  • Wall party (labor and far right social crowd)
    • v. Web Party (conservatives in Business and social liberals who want a connected world)


scott said...

I am sorry Mr. P I will not be attendig class today. I am very ill. I will see you on monday
sincerly Scott P

jonathanweedin said...

The thing with the triple convergence and the XBox. Yeah, that's why I have a Wii. Yay for exercise while playing video games!

publius said...

I should probably leave this one alone since I don’t really watch very much TV, but.... I think TV is a quantifiable problem in our culture. As TV watching increases, societal values decrease. I firmly believe... vehemently believe in fact, that excessive TV watching has affected our education, socialization, and motivation.

Anonymous said...

Publius: it's funny that you say that because I kind of feel the same way. My wife and I have a dvd player but we don't watch regular T.V. that way we get the "Art" and not all the crappy advertisements that our culture seems to be so desensitized to. However, just because you don't know it's hurting you doesn't mean that it isn't.

JCampos said...

Though their are many arguments that say that TV is bad i think that it is not all that bad. You get home from a busy day and you watch a favorite show. I can definitely see the other side where people watch TV all day and do nothing else. Anybody can see where their would be issues there, not to mention health!

Jaime said...

I agree to many people watch TV and I'm one of them. Since school has started however I don't watch as much but it is taking over our lives. We rely to much on TV for entertainment when we should be outside with our friends and family getting exercise, fresh air and becoming healthier.

swoffordhall said...

Its a double head spear though, yeah if all you do is watch TV all day thats sad, but their are plenty of educational channels to watch as well,like discovery or history channel, that help you learn.

Elise2013 said...

I think it's a little absurd how much time families spend apart from each other. It's kind of a foreign concept for me. My family spends excessive amounts of time as a unit and we usually read or talk instead of watch TV.

Juan Carlos Farias102 said...

i like the fact the we have the time to enjoy life but that doesn't mean that we won't have time to show other countries wassup.

scott said...

ban all the tv you want but dont bad mouth my x box!lol but seriously thats the important stuff.

Barry W. said...

i did not know john young was married.. now i do know that.. i find it interesting..