Thursday, February 25, 2010

Culture and Poverty

Here's an article K. Cleveringa found on the topic. Quotes from a New Republic article (which is a legit source).

And incredibly, it combines the Expert Performance Movement we talked about in child soccer and the number and type of words addressed to children in differing economic levels.

And, be sure to read the readers' comment section for some good back and forth. I'm not sure I agree with this guy's conclusions about when it all went wrong--and the numbers aren't there to back it up as far as church going is concerned.


Jennifer S. said...

I really believe that if you are poor or well off you can provide good morals, nurturing your childs basic emotional needs, care for there social needs and install strong interest in education for there children from birth throughout there lives. Reading to your child is a start. regardless if you work or go to school full time, your babies need that exposure to hearing stories being read to them and math being taught to them. We just need to get priorities in check. Our children. We model behaviors for our children. If we can give positive behavior modeling maybe our children will reward us when it comes down to our children making important life decisions.

Tanner U. said...

I agree with Jennifer. If angela can do it, yes we all know it is not easy but possible. Which means all we need to do is stop being lazy americans and start wanting about life for ourselves and our family. Angela went to college and now can pay for a new car, better house in a good neighborhood, doctors, and etc.

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Jennifer S. basically said it all. Angela had to start from scratch, go to school, buy a car, get a job, take car of 5-6 children and now has a great job, with a nice house in a nice neiborhood. Along with her daughter being the first one to graduate high school.