Thursday, February 11, 2010

An exercise in Web Evaluation

Using Guest workers/Immigration as a model.

What is credible?

Has it been edited/reviewed? (avoid the ~ in the URL)
Is the author an expert or a guy in his pajamas?
Is it trying to sell you something?
Does it have a "works cited" section?
Are there clues to bias?
Do they over-rely on emotion?
Does it looks cheesy?


Guest workers in WaPo

Guest workers won't work

Guest Workers won't work


If we look closer...

Let's try again

Look closer and...

How about on the other side?

To be "fair"


JaNet G. said...

This sorta helped on our Web Evaluation, but Im still a little lost on my topic ( immigration), cant seem to put it together..:/

quinaultnative said...

Why Still No China >-(

Tanner U. said...

This was helpful in finding a good web page. And knowing what to look at to decide if it's a credible sight or not. But some sights which may not look credible seem to be. So im still having trouble deciding which sites are credible...

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

I feel like now actually knowing whats a credible website is gonna help my work cited and also my paper because now I am gonna know from my judgement if is actually true.