Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 27

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 27

  1. Last of 1030 essays back.
  2. Bonus points—this week.
  3. Quiz
  4. Correct Quiz
  5. Too Sick
    1. HIV-AIDS, malaria, TB, polio (and Gates)
    2. Pandemic (have you seen 28 days later? You get the picture)
  6. Too Disempowered
    1. Half-flat world—in India high tech is .2 percent of employment.
    2. Rural voters
  7. Too Frustrated
    1. Cultures feel threatened, frustrated, humiliated
    2. Differences coming into contact, including online.
    3. Threat of openness
    4. Abandon religion to join advances or retreat to fundamentalism
  8. Too Many Toyotas
    1. natural resources, oil, timber, etc
    2. environmental destruction
  9. Homework—go to YHR and search for an article about your topic.
    1. If you find one
      1. print it out and bring it to class tomorrow
      2. and send me the link
    2. Do the same process with Google
      1. print
      2. send me the link
    3. And with college library's "One Search" feature (not sure you can email link for this, so bring print out.)
    4. We'll use a bounty system to score this assignment:
      1. YHRepublic articles worth 2 pts each.
      2. Google and "One Search" articles worth 1 pt each.
      3. You must bring in five points worth of articles by tomorrow.
        1. Up to five bonus points available.
        2. articles not related to your topic will not be accepted

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