Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 21

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 21

  1. Hand in essay.
  2. Y/N?
  3. Y= +2pts
  4. N= -2 pts
  5. Essays back within 1-2 weeks. (1130 back first)
  6. Homework: Read "This is Not a Test" (and read "The Untouchables" if you haven't yet).
  7. This might be the place where your last essay got off track. DO THE READING.
  8. Topics for next essay.

1 comment:

Seth Martin said...

This is Not a Test

Damn good chapter. Nearly every word was truth, right down to the bone.
Let go of heedless distractions and for once people: Embrace Reality. Every tool & technology we could possibly need is sitting right on top the table. The materials laid out before us. We need only put down the remotes, ipods and cellphones, meander our way over to our seat and begin utilizing our minds to create entirely new spices to be added to our secret sauce.

Read more!
Live more!
Breathe more!
and exist outside of your little luxuries more!