Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 37

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 37

Bonus Points?

Monday—Computer Lab, In-Class Rough Draft, day one.

Tuesday--Computer Labs (C206), In-class Rough Draft, day two. Due at the end of the period— at least 500 words (20 points)

Wednesday/Thursday: Scoring and Peer Edit Rough Drafts, bring 4 copies. These can be improvements to Tues' draft.

Friday—Final Drafts, SUGGESTED: integrate "in class essay" from week one, due*—50 points in "final draft" scores.

*this is somewhat flexible, depending on what you choose to revise for an improved grade.

How do we help Angela Whitiker overcome these obstacles?

Which are the most important/fixable?

  1. Education
    1. Gap at the bottom


  2. Health Care


  3. Isolation
    1. Housing?
    2. Invisibility
      1. Credit/Globalization


  4. Family Structure


  5. Transportation


  1. Information
    1. Infrastructure Gap


  2. Child Care


  3. Social Capital (in Class Matters)
    1. Steady Relationship/Marriage


  4. Human Capital (in Brooks)
    1. Cultural
    2. Social
    3. Moral
    4. Cognitive
    5. Aspirational--Ambition Gap


lucia.ramirez said...

Todays lecture helped alot, especially on setting up an outline for the paper. This actually helps because you explain as well as ourselves to understand how everything connects!!!!

JaNet G. said...

Todays Speaker was very helpful. Her life experience was very interesting. The way she set up her points were very helpful.

Alyssa D said...

This could work for me, but my in class one was kind of ridiculous because i didn't know where we were headed with this...

Tanner U. said...

I'm still having trouble connecting all of the dots. And making sense of all the notes. But I keep looking over them and it is helpful that we go over it as a class and get all of the ideas out there...

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

I agree with Lucia as where the lecture ties everything up and helps show how everything we talked about in the class from the first day to now, it all connects!

Steve said...

I want to integrate the in-class essay with the AW essay, but I'm finding it much harder than i thought to combine them. Any suggestions on a good segue?