Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 28

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 28

  1. Bonus points?
  2. Meet in C210 tomorrow for research/rough draft writing time
  3. On a piece of paper, write down the names of the articles you found from the YHR, Google and One Search.
  4. Six quotes from TWIF is just for starters.
  5. Six articles is just for starters.
  6. One way to do this is with quotes on notecards
    1. Quote on one side.
    2. Works Cited information on the other
    3. For my senior year in HS research paper, (20 pages) I had 150 of these.
    4. For my senior year in college (35 pages) I had 300 or so.
    5. For my master's thesis, (100 pages!) I had close to a thousand notecards.
  7. Then, I'd go through them and arrange them in subjects.
  8. Then I'd pick three or four that were really good and fit together.
  9. Then I'd write my rough draft and find more, rearrange them, cut them.
    1. I still have them, which is sort of sad. What am I going to do with 150 notecards about the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa in 1960? But I'm proud of the work and can't just toss it…
  10. Share your quotes from TWIF in groups.
  11. Share your links in groups.
  12. Meet tomorrow in C210 for research/question time.
  13. The Counter Argument
  14. Too Sick
    1. HIV-AIDS, malaria, TB, polio (and Gates)
    2. Pandemic (have you seen 28 days later? You get the picture)
  15. Too Disempowered
    1. Half-flat world—in India high tech is .2 percent of employment.
    2. Rural voters
  16. Too Frustrated
    1. Cultures feel threatened, frustrated, humiliated
    2. Differences coming into contact, including online.
    3. Threat of openness
    4. Abandon religion to join advances or retreat to fundamentalism
  17. Too Many Toyotas
    1. natural resources, oil, timber, etc
    2. environmental destruction
  18. Homework—For three of your sources: Answer the questions on page 340 of Hacker
    1. Authorship
      1. Who is it?
      2. Are they knowledgeable and credible?
    2. Sponsorship
      1. Who sponsors the site?
      2. What does the URL tell you?
    3. Purpose and Audience
      1. Why was the cite created? Argue, sell, or inform?
      2. Who is the sites intended audience?
    4. Currency
      1. How current is the site?

How current are the links?


JaNet G. said...

Mr.Peters, this is a good start.
The whole note cards is a great Idea.
It really helps us stay organized.

Tanner U. said...

Yes, notecards are a very important part of studying and can help you to stay organized. It is really hard to find the time to write that many note cards down though... And 150! Jeez no offense but your crazy! lol