Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Education and Obama

Here's a link to a NYTimes Editorial from today.

Short version:

It's not how much we teach, but how we teach.


Alyssa D said...

You know though, along with the students they have got to start letting teachers be more free in what they teach. I hate being in classes where teachers don't enjoy teaching their subjects and i think alot of other students feel the same way. If the person teaching the subjects feels stifled, why shouldn't we?

Adeana said...

This is so true. You can spend hours on end lecturing to a classroom full of students. Not one of them are going to pay full attention to what your saying. On the other hand, if your engaged in what your teaching your students will be too.

Chelsey said...

I thought the part about playing was really interesting. When kids play, they learn. They even learn to think. They can't help it. Mr. Peters, I think we should play Uno in class . . . it'll help us learn.

Steve said...

At first i wondered why the heck we would be reading "The World is Flat". I thought the book was going to be insanely long and boring... But it's extremely relevant. A lot of things the book talks about are being addressed currently by our government. It's helping me understand today's issues. :)