Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 34

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 34

  1. Bonus Points: Black Box Poetry Slam
    1. Yakima Campus- Yakima Valley Community College will host the 8th annual Black Box Poetry Slam on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in the Kendall Black Box Theater. Sign-up begins at 6:00pm and the competition starts at 6:30pm.
    2. Complete reading of 1030 essays—intro or conclusions only.
  2. Slideshow of Angela Whitiker
  3. Worksheets as a class:
    1. a-h
    2. i-q
    3. r-y
    4. z-gg
  4. Essay Assignment: Briefly write about it now.
  5. Homework: Read Final pages of AW's story in CM (230-233) Evaluation chapter of Nickel and Dimed and complete worksheet
    1. Tomorrow in class, we'll compare notes briefly and discuss
  6. Wednesday: David Brooks articles on human and social capital
    1. Thursday—Discussion of Brooks and combined ideas
    2. Friday—Special guest?
    3. Monday—Computer Lab, In-Class Rough Draft, day one.
    4. Tuesday---Computer Labs (C210), In-class Rough Draft, day two. Due at the end of the period—500 words (20 points)
    5. Wednesday/Thursday: Scoring and Peer Edit Rough Drafts, bring 4 copies.
    6. Friday—Final Drafts due*—50 points towards final draft scores.

      *this is somewhat flexible, depending on what you choose to revise for an improved grade.


Jennifer S. said...

I enjoyed reading about Angelia Whiticker. Wow, the struggles that poor woman had to go through her life. I did feel bad for the little boy in the story that had to be the father to his syblings. what a big job for a little boy. the poor child didn't really get to have a childhood. a heart breaking story, but she did succeed. At least there was something positive and inspirational ending.

Seth Martin said...

It's true, AW has had a rough life. What's worse is that she is one of the FEW who ever get out. That's why I am so for strong education and inspiration on the youth. It just gets harder to get off the beaten path as you get older...

Alicia Godinez said...

I also enjoyed reading Angela Whiticker's story. It was interesting to see this girl go from the absolute bottom to middle class. I think this is a very inspiring story for all those that are in the same position Angela once was. We need to find a way to inspire many more to return to school and better their lives, like Angela has.

lucia.ramirez said...

I enjoyed reading the story not only because she went through all those obstacles in life and overcame them to give her children a better future, but because my mother when through much of the same situation and i felt myself integrated in the story, which is sad, but true.

Tanner U. said...

Angela life was really ruff and she lived in a horrible environment that was not good for neither her nor her kids. I wish we had more Americans like this who actually try to get back on their feet and no offense but don't just use the government for its money like food stamps, etc.

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Nickel and Dime was an interesting way to go out in the public, experiencing firsthand of poverty and get first insight on how most of our population is making it in today’s world.