Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 36

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 36

Friday—Special guest in 930 and 1030 classes.

Monday—Computer Lab, In-Class Rough Draft, day one.

Tuesday--Computer Labs (C210), In-class Rough Draft, day two. Due at the end of the period—500 words (20 points)

Wednesday/Thursday: Scoring and Peer Edit Rough Drafts, bring 4 copies.

Friday—Final Drafts, including integrated "in class essay" from week one, due*—50 points in "final draft" scores.

*this is somewhat flexible, depending on what you choose to revise for an improved grade.

  1. Bonus Points: Black Box Poetry Slam
    1. Yakima Campus- Yakima Valley Community College will host the 8th annual Black Box Poetry Slam on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in the Kendall Black Box Theater. Sign-up begins at 6:00pm and the competition starts at 6:30pm.


  2. As a class: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide
    1. On the surface
    2. in reality
    3. unlike to change because
    4. likely to change because

How do we help Angela Whitiker overcome these sources of economic friction?

  1. Education
    1. Gap at the bottom


  2. Health Care


  3. Isolation
    1. Housing?
    2. Invisibility
      1. Credit/Globalization


  4. Family Structure


  5. Transportation



  6. Information
    1. Infrastructure Gap


  7. Child Care


  8. Social Capital (in Class Matters)
    1. Steady Relationship/Marriage


  9. Human Capital (in Brooks)
    1. Cultural
    2. Social
    3. Moral
    4. Cognitive
    5. Aspirational
      1. Ambition Gap


Jennifer S. said...

I thought that class had a great discussion today. I felt that brainstorming was very helpful to myself and the class for preparing for our next essay on Angela Whitiger. This is going to be a fun paper write.

lucia.ramirez said...

I think that actually brainstorming as a class helps us all get ideas to integrate into our essay. This last essay seems to be interesting so far, especially because angela whitikers story relates to my family story.

Tanner U. said...

I think its funny how the class does come up with some great ideas but whatever we don't come up with always gets brought up by you. Today was very helpful and I found that taking pictures of the notes instead of writing them saves you much time and effort.

FernandoN said...

Today's class discussion really helped me figure out the outline of this next essay. The topic of this paper is interesting and hopefully fun to write about.

Live on Purpose. Love by Chance said...

I liked having the lab days in class because it helps that when we are working on out rough drafts that you are there to help us when we have questions versus us at home just having to do it ourselves. I like it this way.