Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 30

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 30

  1. Bonus points?
  2. Over the weekend
    1. Valley Opens Arms to Visitors
    2. Firestorm in Brewster
  3. Essays and Grades back to 930 class with my comments overall.
  4. Peer Editing Process
    1. Students learn from each other.
    2. Students learn by teaching.
    3. Kind honesty.
      1. You have my permission to tear my paper to shreds
    4. Thick skin.
  5. Number the paragraphs on your essays.
  6. Write two questions you'd like answered by your peers.
    1. Choose who goes first
    2. Hand out essays
      1. Apologize as needed
    3. Read silently and comment as you go
    4. Complete peer editing forms
    5. Have a CONVERSATION (that's why there's four of you)
    6. Finally, writer asks questions not answered.
    7. Repeat

Homework—complete peer editing worksheet for essay from another class. Must be returned tomorrow. (10 pts) As with Face to Face peer editing: do a good job on this, but don't be a tyrant.


Alyssa D said...

i like this method of peer review; having audio and visual stimulation in editing is very helpful.

Morgan W. said...

I admire how brutally honest we're all supposed to be. "I'm sorry but... you fail at life. Go back to elementary school. >:C" Especially the part about tearing the papers to shreds. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone grade a paper THAT hard, but I have had the experience of having to peer edit a paper that was so horribly written that I had to stop and take a break in the middle because my head hurt so bad. I kid you not.

FernandoN said...

This revising method is AWESOME because you get to see what other peoples paper looks like and also compare your to theirs.

lucia.ramirez said...

I like this method for editing our papers, we get feed back and sometimes its better than others. We also get to see other peoples writing to help improve our own!!!

quinaultnative said...

ANYBODY WHO IS TRYING TO ACHIEVE A GOOD GRADE SHOULD PUT THEIR PAPER IN AN MANY HANDS AS THEY POSIBBLY CAN! Insight is gained when you have somebody who isn't at all familiar with our studies in class read a report about those very studies. You gots to put in work homies!!!!

Seth Martin said...

I've seen some awful papers. To be honest the peer editing never worked for me until this last paper. Every other experience the other peer editors weren't helpful or hardly said anything about the paper. That or they couldn't coherently structure a sentence.

This last time was extremely beneficial though. I guess it depends who you are with as well.

Tanner U. said...

This peer editing process is great! I think that the teachers should make there students do this in every class! It saves you time and it helps us. This method is a win win...