Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 32

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 32

  1. Bonus points?
  2. Complete peer editing.
  3. 930—I screwed up yesterday. What do we do now?
  4. Peer Review, Review—due Monday with your essays.
  5. Grading this essay.
  6. Outline your essay.
  7. Outline your partner's essay.
  8. Options for organization.
    1. Some might need to go back to America and Free Trade to talk about Knowledge work, or The Right Stuff or The Quiet Crisis.
    2. Consider Whole to Whole or Point to Point
      1. Do you notice some of these topics don't fit as nicely as the education ones? If that's you, use Whole to Whole?
  9. Editing
    1. Sentence openings (esp It/There)
    2. Capital letters/end punctuation
    3. Signal phrases
    4. Spelling—Spell check.
      1. its/it's
      2. there/they're/their
      3. to/too/two
      4. Proper names: Friedman, for ex.
    5. Verbs of Being: am, is, are, was, were, have, has, had, be, being, been
    6. Use a ruler
    7. Read backwards
    8. Read aloud
  10. Counter Argument.
  11. Works cited page—double spaced, alphabetize

Paper format.

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Tanner U. said...

I feel as though peer editing goes too long! It is a great experience and i have learned alot and had a lot of great advice about how to improve my paper but by the 3rd day it gets old. Everyone gets tired of peer editing and stops reading and doesnt do as good as job as they should. So I can't propose a solution but I just feel that we get lazy by the 3rd day...