Friday, February 05, 2010

Day 24

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 24

  1. YHR from yesterday and the weekend.
  2. For Monday: 11/9 v. 9/11
  3. And one of the nine How Companies Cope.
  4. And narrow your interests down to a broad category:
    1. Agriculture
    2. Immigration/Guest Workers
    3. New Businesses in Yakima Valley
    4. Green People
  5. Rough Drafts Due a week from Monday. This means if you want to be on track, spend some time this weekend researching the topics on your own. Do some quick google searching. Try to find ones that interest you and that seem like there's enough to say about them in the research side.
  6. Next week, we'll try to connect the topics to TWIF as we did with the Education section.
  7. Finish The Untouchables Posters
    1. We're going to practice: collaborators, synthesizers and explainers
      1. Label and Define the Untouchable
      2. Write a good quote from the book.
      3. A three panel "Storyboard" of an untouchable example using the enormous sticky notes (itself an example of right brain synthesis)
    2. Collaborators and Orchestrators
    3. Synthesizers
    4. Explainers
    5. Adapters
    6. Green People
    7. Passionate Personalizers
    8. Math Lovers
    9. Localizers

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