Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 35

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 35


  1. Bonus Points: Black Box Poetry Slam
    1. Yakima Campus- Yakima Valley Community College will host the 8th annual Black Box Poetry Slam on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in the Kendall Black Box Theater. Sign-up begins at 6:00pm and the competition starts at 6:30pm.
  2. Slideshow of Angela Whitiker
  3. Worksheets as a class:
    1. a-h
    2. i-q
    3. r-y
    4. z-gg
  4. Essay Assignment: Briefly write about it now.
  5. Read Final pages of AW's story in CM (230-233)
  6. Evaluation chapter of Nickel and Dimed with worksheet
  7. Homework: David Brooks' articles on human and social capital
    1. Thursday—Discussion of Brooks and combined ideas
    2. Friday—Special guest?
    3. Monday—Computer Lab, In-Class Rough Draft, day one.
    4. Tuesday---Computer Labs (C210), In-class Rough Draft, day two. Due at the end of the period—500 words (20 points)
    5. Wednesday/Thursday: Scoring and Peer Edit Rough Drafts, bring 4 copies.
    6. Friday—Final Drafts, including integrated "in class essay" from week one, due*—50 points in "final draft" scores.

*this is somewhat flexible, depending on what you choose to revise for an improved grade.


Steve said...

I found it quite ironic that the article about the marshmallow experiment (The one i wanted to read most) was last. I found myself thinking about reading it first, when i thought... no! I must read the other articles first! Real clever, Mr. Peters.

lucia.ramirez said...

The articles were actually interesting. And i didnt think about skimming through the titles to see what they might be about, but i liked how the marshmellow test was last!!!!

Tanner U. said...

Thank you for giving us the exra time for the essay, well allowing us to choose when we want to turn it in. You did this last quarter in English 101 also and I found that at this time I had many other finals so having the choice of turning it in later and not re-doing the 3rd essay.

FernandoN said...

This gives us students more time if we need it. I think this is a great idea because many of us have finals we need to study for.