Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 29

1. Hand in Web Site Evaluation form.
2. Research your topic.
3. Give yourself 30 minutes of "freewriting" on your topic to get the ideas moving.
4. Ask me questions.
5. Don't watch drag racing in Tokyo or check random email accounts, please.

Rough Draft due Tuesday. Bring four copies for peer editing.


Stephanie Marie said...

I liked the prewriting/brainstorming in class it allowed me to finally pick a topic and be sold on it. Up until this point in class there wasnt any topic i truly liked

Tanner U. said...

I love the lab days! In my opinion having more lab days would be more helpful to everyone! This gives us time to work on our papers, doing whatever we need to do. As long as we stay on task and actually do what we are supposed to this helps me atleast to get a jump on my essay!

FernandoN said...

I agree with Tanner. I believe that lab days are useful to everyone that can stay on task but what helps most is that you give us the opportunity to ask questions while we write our paper.

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

I appreciate the time we get to go to the writing lab and have time to get our ideas moving along. It helps me out alot.