Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Flat Valley Topics

English 102, Spring Quarter

The Flat Valley


Similar to Education and the Flat World, but this time we mean Business.


The Flat World Chapters of particular importance will be

The Untouchables, This is Not a Test, How Companies Cope and If It's Not Being Done

4-6 pages.

Due Dates:
Rough Draft February 16th

Final Draft February 22nd



Agriculture Cluster:

  • Aspargus and South American trade agreements
  • The Apple Juice Capital of the World? Selah?
  • Trademarks/patents and inventions
    • ROBOTS!
    • Control Atmosphere on boats
  • Food Safety concerns—organics/diseases
  • Vertical Farms (potentially bad news for us)
  • Localvores



Changes to H2A and H1B

  • Zirkle, Global Horizon


New Niche

  • Sawmill Site
    • Waterpark
  • Bi-Lingual Population
  • Medical School
  • Distribution Centers
  • Tourism
    • Wine
    • Agri
    • Downtown/cultural
  • Jail Beds


Green People

  • Wind power
  • Organics
  • Anarobic Digestors
  • Solar collectors (Cle Elum for ex)


Alyssa D said...

i think the green people topic sounds interesting, and with as much as a scam as i feel like it is i'm sure people will buy into the business.

Morgan W. said...

I've never been one to go head-over-heels when it comes to "going green" but quite frankly if cow crap can produce so much energy that it's too much to sell, then what do I know?