Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 33

English 102 Lesson Plan Day 33

  1. Bonus Points?
  2. Attendance on Friday.
  3. Hand back homework
  4. YHR over the weekend
  5. Hand in essays.
    1. Yes/No?
    2. Yes= +2pts
    3. No= +/-0 pts
  6. Homework: Read Angela Whitiker's Climb 202-229
    1. Complete Worksheet in groups of 4:
      1. a-h
      2. i-q
      3. r-y
      4. z-gg
    2. Tomorrow in class, we'll compare notes briefly and discuss
  7. Tuesday: Final Essay Assigned and Evaluation chapter for Nickel and Dimed with worksheet.
  8. Wednesday: David Brooks articles on human and social capital


Alyssa D said...

I thought hearing everyone's paper topics was interesting today. The ones about Yakima tourism seem like they would be the most realistic though since all the others are about things that will come to pass farther in the future.

Stephanie Marie said...

Angela's story is very interesting but I don't think her story is that different then alot of "welfare" moms. Well besides the 5 kids from 4 different men. I think that she should have bought a house or done something else that would have helped her family then her exspensive car but hey... maybe not

Tanner U. said...

Just out of curiosity why did you make the bonus points now worth 2 points to read instead of 5. English 102? And the Angela Whiticker story was a great one and goes to show that with the ambition anyone can live a good life!

FernandoN said...

Angela's story was a great story! The only thing that I would of told her as a friend was to invest her money in a house not a car.

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Angela Whitiker's story reminds me of some of my mothers friends and they succeeded too! All it takes is determination and ambition to succeed in anything.