Saturday, February 27, 2010

Obstacles and Solutions

Meet in Labs monday.

Now, for some help with the rough draft:

Pick your top three from the list

How do we help Angela Whitiker overcome these sources of economic friction?

  1. What are the solutions offered by the books?
  2. Research for some of these is in your books

What are our original solutions?

Research for these topics is encouraged.

  1. Education
    1. Parenting
    2. Collect at state level and spread equally
    3. Emphasize
      1. CQ+PQ
      2. Math/Science
      3. Right Brain
      4. Learn to Learn
      5. Collaborators
    4. Tougher tests
    5. Longer school days
    6. Longer school years
    7. Universal Preschool
      1. Head Start
    8. College Aid
    9. Increase vocational/trade programs
    10. Classes through work
  2. Health Care
    1. Expand congressional health care to 47 million w/o coverage
    2. Portable coverage

    3. Isolation

    1. Protest
      1. Social Activism
    2. Change Housing rules/styles
      1. We've tried large projects
      2. We've tried easier loans
    3. Credit Crisis
    4. Required class in teacher prep.
    5. Immigration reform
    6. Language classes
    7. News catching up with this?

  3. Family Structure
    1. Shift focus of sex ed
    2. Leadership

  4. Transportation
    1. Mass transit
  5. Information
    1. Expand broadband
    2. 211

  6. Child care
    1. Universal pre-school
    2. Expand government care
    3. Be more generous with paid leave
  7. Social Capital
    1. Parenting
    2. End "marriage penalty"
    3. Promote marriages in PSA's etc
    4. Require classes for license
    5. Allow gay marriage
    6. Leadership/Bully Pulpit
  8. Human Capital
    1. Parenting
    2. Word of the Month
    3. Gear Up
    4. Attendance rewards
    5. Grade rewards
    6. Big Brothers
    7. Peer Mentors
    8. DARE
    9. Parenting classes
      1. Tough love
    10. "Stable, predictable environment, good behavior is rewarded +practice"
    11. Universal Preschool
    12. Personal finance classes
    13. Public Speaking classes
    14. Leadership/bully pulpit
  9. Increase minimum wage to living wage
  10. Wage Insurance
  11. Other?
    1. Faith Based programs?
    2. Volunteering
    3. Reaching out/Mission work

  12. Prohibitions?
    1. Make divorce harder, for ex
    2. Smoking/Drinking
    3. Number of children
  13. Censorship?
  14. Mandates?
  15. What about drugs/alcohol?
  16. Opportunities /Pathways


Alyssa D said...

The Charbonneau Castle (or you may otherwise know it as the Findry Flower Shop) was actually built by a woman named Belinda Mulrooney who started with nothing, but who ended up with a huge fortune by starting a hotel, banking, and peddling business in the Klondike. She actually fits alot of the traits needed for success that we have been studying.

Tanner U. said...

Again i wanted to say thank you for giving us all of these oppurtunities to choose our own due dates and what we write about. I am confused about how we can choose if we correspond our 1st in class essay in or not but I will find out from someone or will talk to you Monday. Thanks again!

FernandoN said...

The due date thing is just like last semester and I think that it is very thankful of you to give us this opportunity. But I still think that it is better to turn in your paper on the early due date because then you have it back to maybe revise it at the end of the semester. Thanks!!

Aubri_Gonzalez said...

Having this opportunity will help alot of us out with writing an exceptional well paper. Also having so many options on what to write about and taking all of class time to get us starting on what to write about its cool. Thanks Peters!

Steve said...

This outline is like the most helpful thing I've seen posted! It really set me on the right track, and basically summarized everything you've talked about in class! I really like how you let us write about almost whatever we want, which allows us to be more passionate about it. Thanks for setting us on the right track!