Thursday, February 04, 2010

What to do about the IPad and Books?

Here's an interesting article about the future of books and ereaders.

Is this a way for the small to act big and the big to act small?


Chelsey said...

Super interesting article; brings up lots of questions. I can understand why the author says nothing can replace bookstores, but I think he's exaggerating. In my mind, people can read ipads together just as easily as books.
The pirating books part intrigues me. It seems that no matter what authors do, the people who are going to steal books or movies or music will find a way. I wonder if we'll ever come up with an accessible yet secure way to sell this kind of media.

Seth Martin said...

I agree with Chelsea. Very interesting article.
Personally, I agree with the author on the replacement of bookstores. I've used eReaders and for a long while I've seriously contemplated acquiring one. The thing is, there is something special about holding the paper in your fingers. People can read either, but I know quite a few people, myself included, who enjoy the 'feel of books'.

Pirating books will be another problem like pirating music. Of course they'll find a way to make the media secure... but there will always be people who find ways around that. The only thing that we can hope for, is that the individuals who read more are less likely to pirate. Who knows though.